MDcovid DNA Study

How does Covid-19 see you?

Thank you for your interest in this important effort to understand the genetic influencers of Covid-19.

MDcovid's study involves analyzing DNA and a few short survey questions and comparing results.

Upon uploading your DNA, you will receive a graphical representation, like the example below, of how Covid sees you. In the image, each dot reflects a specific variant on some of your genes that code the proteins known to interact with COVID-19. By studying these patterns, researchers can begin to understand the genetic influencers of Covid-19 and eventually develop therapies to treat the disease.

DNA data that you upload to this site will only be used for the purpose of understanding Covid-19 per the terms and conditions of this study.  Your DNA data* is available from the company that prepared your results and is easily exportable.   Please see our frequently asked questions for more information.

Load your DNA file

Your DNA data is very important for our study. If you don't know how to download it, please click here to read how you can download your DNA data.

*If you have had Covid-19 and would like to participate in MDcovid’s study but have not had your DNA analyzed, please contact us to let us know. In partnership with a DNA research company, MDcovid can make available free testing, as needed.